The Ink Events Company has the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time.

Please Note:


“I” means Ben Vollans

“Awards” means The Diverse Cumbria Awards

“We” refers to The Ink Events Company



Nominations are open to the public via the Diverse Cumbria website (www.diversecumbria.co.uk).

Anyone can nominate and all nominations are anonymous.

Any one person can nominate on as many categories as they like.

Multiple nominations from one person or persons won’t affect the nominations as they are not based on number of ‘votes’.

Nominations are gathered in the form of:

                Name of Nominee

                Contact details for Nominee (If known)

                Organisation they work for (If applicable)

                Reason for nominating


We ask for as much information for the reason as possible as this is what will help the judging panel make the decision on who will win.

If not enough information has been left, a mixture of three things happen:

  1. I get in touch with the Nominee to ask for an overview of what their work involves.
  2. I get in touch with the Nominee’s work/superior and ask them for more information regarding their work.
  3. I will do some background research on who the Nominee is and compile some information for the judging panel.

Anyone within The Ink Events Company, (the creators of The Diverse Cumbria Awards) along with the Judges of the Awards reserve the right to terminate any nomination at any stage in the process.



Judges will be the Winners of the previous year’s Awards. Each Winner will be asked to sit on the judging panel for the next year’s Awards and these will change every year. In the event of them not being able to attend or refuse to sit on the panel for any reason, a representative from one of the sponsors will be asked to attend instead.

Judging will be held a few weeks in advance of the Awards evening, and will be done in a private room. Only the judges and I will be in attendance, though I am only there as an advisor to give them more details about Nominees if they wish to know anything. I do not have any say in who wins, nor am I allowed to express any opinions which may sway the vote.

All judges will then sit and discuss nominees, make shortlists for each category and choose a winner, which will then be kept secret till the evening of the event. (All shortlist’s (including the winner) will be notified they have been shortlisted and invited to attend the evening. Each shortlist will get 1 free ticket to the event.)



Community Volunteer of the Year

Community Group or Organisation of the Year

Business Champion of the Year

Public Sector Champion of the Year

Positive Role Model of the Year

Lifetime Achievement Award


Nominations should be for ONE individual. This individual must volunteer for an organisation, and must not be paid for their work. This volunteer can be old or new to the organisation and can volunteer for multiple organisation.

The ‘Community Group’ must be a constituted group and be bound by a constitution and a board of trustees or similar. The ‘Organisation’ must be constituted and either registered with Companies House or Charities Commission. (Or both.) Both must also be none profit. This category has no time limit on how long the group or organisation has been running for. 

‘Business’ referring to a private company who is privately owned and/or has shareholders. There is no limit on what structure this business has and can be either registered with Companies House or not. It must be a profit making business.

‘Public Sector’ refers to any organisation that is publicly owned. They do not need to be a charity but must be constituted and is open to any organisation that does not fit into the ‘Community Group or Organisation’ category. This category can also include specific departments within an organisation but must be named and specified on the nomination form.

Nominations should be for ONE individual. This person is can be either a volunteer or a paid worker.

This category is NOT open to the public vote. This Award will be decided by the Judges. The nominations for this award will come from ALL nominations from EVERY category stated above. This nominee will have stood out to the Judges as a lifelong contributor to pushing the Equality and Diversity agenda in Cumbria. The winner of this category can be a winner from any of the categories if the Judges see fit.


There are three types of sponsorship packages:

-          Main Sponsor

-          Award Sponsor

-          Event Sponsor

In each category, each package is the same regardless who ‘buys’ it. No preferential treatment will be made to anyone seeking to purchase a sponsorship package.

However, we do work off a first come first serve basis with the Award Sponsorship and they will have priority over which award they choose/ are given if it is the last one left.

All packages are at a set price and there will be no negotiation on this.


Logos and publicity

All sponsors of the Awards will have their logo’s displayed throughout the event and on our website (www.diversecumbria.co.uk) for a total of 2 years. This will include the current year’s sponsors on the main page and the “Sponsors” page of the website and on the write up page of the previous year’s awards.

Logo’s must be sent to Ben (ben@theinkeventscompany.co.uk) by the selected deadline that year.

These must come in a PGN format, with your own guidelines on how we can use your logo.

The will be displayed at the event on a large pull up banner which will be housed in the entrance for the first part of the event and then on the main stage thereafter.

All press releases will mention the Main Sponsor and all Award Sponsors, though we cannot guarantee these will be shown as they may be edited by the news outlet. However, all effort will be made to mention the above in all media interviews (Radio or Television).

All Main Sponsors and Award Sponsors will be mentioned in on social media where appropriate.

All Sponsors will have their allotted space in the programme for the evening. This programme will include:

                A welcome paragraph

                What food will be served

                The itinerary for the evening

                Special thanks

                Advertising space/ write up space for each Sponsor

                Shortlists for each category

                Lifetime Achievement Award


This space can be anything you want it to be, within reason. But we are open for anything professional to be placed in the programme.